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Board of Selectmen


The Board of Selectmen is composed of five members who serve three-year terms. The Board elects one of its members to serve as chair. Citizens are welcome to attend the Board meetings which are typically held two Mondays of each month in the Town Hall Offices. Please check the calendar for specific dates and times. 

E-mail the Board of Selectmen by clicking here (or manually address message to

Term Ends:
Charles King
Vice Chair

Town Administrator
Assistant Town Administrator
Human Resources Coordinator
Lisa Florio
Administrative Assistant

Questions, Comments, concerns from Easton residents welcome: (508) 230-0501

Selectmen's Statement of Ethics Reaffirmed April 26, 2017

Selectmen's Statement of Values Reaffirmed April 26, 2017


Board of Selectmen Agenda Packets

At each Board of Selectmen meeting, the Selectmen utilize an electronic packet of handouts, notes, and other informative attachments relevant to their agenda. These "agenda packets" have been sent to the local press the day of the meeting and are a public record.

The Town of Easton is pleased to announce that these packets are also available online for the general public the day of regularly scheduled meetings on our Minutes on Demand page under "Board of Selectmen" and "Agenda Packets".

Please note: if you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer, the PDF Bookmarks in the agenda packets may not be visible. To remedy this, open the packet in Internet Explorer or download it to your local drive and open it in Adobe.


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Town Departmental Reports

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Volunteer Opportunities

The Town of Easton has many boards and committees that benefit from the expertise and commitments of its citizens. If you are interested in serving on a board or committee, please view the current available positions. If interested in a position, please complete the online fillable volunteer form, email or print and mail to the Selectmen's Office, 136 Elm St., Easton, MA 02356.