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Easton Cemetery Records


Excel File - Easton Cemetery Records (Last updated 12/11/2012)

The Easton Cemetery Commission during 2009 and 2010 worked diligently with the goal of transcribing the headstones in all 28 town-owned burial places. The Commission would like to thank Melanie Deware, Clerk of the Cemetery Commission, for the many hours spent visiting Easton's cemeteries and for all hard work undertaken in order to increase the number of records in the database and verify information. The Washington Street Cemetery is still in process, but information from all the others is included here. Due to stone conditions, there may be some discrepancies in the data contained herein. Every effort has been made to verify the contents of the database, including cross-referencing information with a variety of sources. Cross-referencing with Annual Town Reports has been done for the years 1870-1936. All inquiries are welcome in cases of questionable information. The Commission hopes you find this database an interesting, informative record.

These records are the result of the efforts of many individuals and have been compiled from different sources. Information has been recorded accurately to the best of the Cemetery Commission's ability but the Cemetery Commission cannot claim or attest to the accuracy of all records. Additionally, the Commission does not claim to present complete burial records of all the cemeteries in Easton.