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FY18 CPA Project Funding Information



In order to be eligible for FY19 CPA funding (May 2018 Town Meeting), applicants for all potential projects must submit an Application for Eligibility by Friday, November 3, 2017.  The application is a concise, one page form expressing interest in CPA funding. The Community Preservation Committee, in coordination with staff will review each application to ensure eligibility and may offer insight or guidance. If the Committee agrees that your proposal is eligible, a Full Application for Community Preservation Funding must be completed.

FY19 CPA Applications
FY19 Application Guidelines and Application for Eligibility
Is my project eligible? Information on Project Eligibility

FY19 Project Funding Timeline
September, 2017- Applications for Eligibility available

November 3, 2017- Applications for Eligibility due

November/December- Applicants will be asked to meet with the CPC and relevant board or boards (Historical/Conservation/Recreation/Affordable Housing Trust) to discuss and refine proposals.  Applicants would present briefly to the CPC in early November and be referred to the other relevant Board(s). Eligible projects will then be sent a full application for funding.

January 10, 2018-  Full Applications for CPA funding due
Applications require a detailed project description including goals, timeline, other funding, budget, community support and contractor quotes.

  • February/March- CPC reviews and makes final recommendations on Full Applications for Annual Town Meeting.


May-   Annual Town Meeting