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Rules and Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Zoning Amendments Approved by the Attorney General - Adopted May 2018

235 Attachment 1 - Appendix A, Table of Use Regulations, Multi-family Dwellings, Queset Commercial District
235- 8 Zoning Map Amendment to Extend Queset Commercial District
235-12 Split Lots
235-28 Off Street Parking and Loading Requirements
235-29 Signs
235-37 Flexible Development
235-44 In-Law Apartments
235-52 Compact Neighborhood Overlay Districts
235-60 Definitions Lot Frontage       
Prohibition of Recreational Marijuana  

     Zoning By Law - this links to the official Town Code which includes the Zoning Bylaw; all references  
     to sections should be based on the code

        Planning & Zoning Board Admin Regulations

    • Including Rules for Submission of Documents;
    • Site Plan Guidelines; and,
    • Rules and Regulations for the Issuance of Special Permits.
    • Subdivision Rules and Regulations (updated March, 2010)

     Massachusetts State Enabling Legislation

Please browse the links below to find Massachusetts General Laws related to planning, zoning, and the subdivision of land.

Chapter 40A: The Zoning Act

Chapter 40B: Comprehensive Permit Law (Please note: Comprehensive Permits are reviews by the Zoning Board of Appeals, not the Planning and Zoning Board)

Chapter 40R: Smart Growth Zoning and Housing Production

Chapter 41, Sections 81: Municipal Planning and Subdivision Legislation