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Forms & Permit Applications


Building online permitting instructions - REVISED January 2017:

1. Plumbing/Gas Inspector inspects Monday, Wednesday, Friday between 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm.

2.  After filing a permit application, continually log back in - and ALWAYS refresh your browser, to see updated status of your application.  If you are new to the system, READ THE DIRECTIONS on your homescreen explaining how the system works. 

3.  AFTER the inspector has reviewed (approved) your application, status will change to "ready for payment."  Following online payment, the permit does not issue automatically, the inspector needs to see payment and then permit will be issued.

4. Refresh your browser.  WHEN YOUR PERMIT HAS ISSUED, YOU CAN PRINT FROM YOUR COMPUTER, you do not have to come to Town Hall.

5.  After the permit has issued you, you may submit an inspection request electronically or you can call for an inspection.  Please do not request an inspection until your permit has issued.  After your inspection request has been entered into our system, you will be able to see it has been scheduled.

STOP!  When you log in, before you apply for a new permit, be sure to update license(s) & workers comp info by clicking on the link on your home page that says "EDIT PROFILE." After updating, be sure to hit "submit."

To apply for a permit (or to log back in to your account) click here.  First time applicants: please read computer requirements below BEFORE you register. 

Public record of issued permits & pending applications

Please note the online database has building permits issued from 2004 to present.  Other permits, such as plumbing, gas, electrical, etc. as of October 2014.

Fee Schedules

First Time Registration: Contractors, electricians, plumbers, and gas fitters, who are submitting permit applications - and homeowners who are applying for a building permit -  can now submit applications online.  The whole process is automated and paperless. The first step is to register and set up an account. This will take less than five minutes and will save time when submitting a permit application.  Please note that payment for permits will be made online with a check routing number and account number or Master Card/Discover/Visa. Important!  Please be sure to use one of the supported browsers (this list appears when you register).  The program is not compatible with Apple product browsers. Update your browser. Your pop up blocker must be "off" when you enter and submit a permit application. You pay online after the inspector reviews your permit and approves the fee; you will be notified via email when your application is ready for payment.  After the permit is issued, you can log on and print your permit.  Call (508) 230-0581 with any questions.

Please click here to register and apply for a permit.

Ready for inspection? You may request an inspection using our online permitting system or by calling (508) 230-0581. 

Thank you! 

Helpful Information:

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Condensed Building Permit Guide (Also indicates requirement for contractor license & HIC registration)

Town of Easton Inspectional Services General Guide  

Why homeowners should not obtain building permit for a construction project


Installing a shed?  A full building permit is needed for a shed that exceeds 200 sq. ft. (9th Edition of 780 CMR).   Even if you will not be obtaining a building permit for your shed you must meet setbacks (5 ft. from rear and side property lines).  If you do not have your site plan, please email for a scanned copy. Don't forget to include your address!  Please also contact Conservation to see if you might have any wetlands or other related concerns email As of 1/1/2015, the fee for a shed is .75 per sq ft.

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Information Request Form - you may send your request to Kit Minsky

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