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Five Corners Sewer Project - Phase I


Project Updates

Update 9/8/2016 - The construction of the project is substantially complete.  Minor punch list work and paving remains to be completed.  

Update 7/14/2016 – The construction of the project is approximately 35% complete.  Crews will begin working in the vicinity of the intersection of Foundry Street, Eastman Street, and Robert Drive the week of July 18th.  Due to the nature of this work, there will be lane closures and motorists should expect traffic delays while the work is ongoing.

Update 6/13/2016 - Construction of this project has begun.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Director of Public Works, David Field at (508) 230-0800 or  

Purpose and Overview

The Five Corners Sewer Project will provide sewer service to the Five Corners sewer needs area identified in the Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan. The Town of Easton has entered into an Inter-municipal Agreement (IMA) with the Town of Mansfield to obtain 165,000 gallons per day (GPD) of capacity in the MFN Regional Water Pollution Control Facility. The facility is currently undergoing an upgrade and expansion which is expected to be complete by 2020.

There are two phases to the Five Corners Sewer Project. Phase I involves the installation of a sewer force main from the area of Robert Drive in Easton to East Street in Mansfield. Phase II is currently in the design phase and will provide service to the remaining needs area via additional force main sewer, gravity sewer, and associated pump stations.

Phase I of the project will provide sewer service to the Avalon Development on Robert drive and is being funded through mitigation payments received from Avalon. Phase I is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2016. Phase II of the project is anticipated to be constructed and completed to coincide with the completion of the upgrades and expansion of the MFN Regional Water Pollution Control Facility in 2020.

Phase I of the Five Corners includes the following work:

  • The installation of 12,500 linear feet of sewer force main.
    The installation of 500 feet of gravity main and manholes.
    The installation of 1,100 feet of low pressure sewer.
    The installation of an odor control station.

Project Team

 Project Owner:

Town of Easton

David Field, P.E.

Director of Public Works

(508) 230-0800


Woodard & Curran

Todd Ritchie, Project Manager

Hank Hamrahi, Resident Engineer


J.A. Polito & Sons, Inc.

Ken Polito, Project Manager             

Peter Courtney, Superintendent

 Field Office:

Contractor Storage Area

117 Eastman Street


The current schedule for the project is listed below
Contract Start Date June 6, 2016
Construction Start Date

June 13, 2016  

Contract End Date

September 30, 2016


Construction Contract Amount:        $2,021,452.00


This project is funded through mitigation payments received from Avalon Bay.