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Plans & Maps

Maps are for general information purposes, only. The official records for Easton properties can be found at Town Hall.


For Zoning Map, Easton Street Map, and Easton Street Atlas - please see the DPW website. Mouse-over the "Geographic Information Systems" link on their left navigation panel for access to any of these maps.

Flood Plain MapsOpen Space & Recreation Land (2009)
Land Use Map (2007)
Zoning Map  (2016)
Undeveloped Commercial and Industrial Zoned Properties  (2007)
Vacant, Developable Land Map (2007)
 ADDITIONAL MAPS: Easton DPW's Map Gallery

Plans & Reports

Envision Easton - The Master Plan (2014)
     Volume 1 - Baseline Report
     Volume 2 - Road Map
     Volume 3 - Action Plan 
 Envision_Easton - Copy (2)
Economic Development Strategic Assessment Report (2014)  
Regional Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (2017)  
Queset Commercial District Study  
Industrial Park Study  
Downtown Parking Study  
Master Plan (1971)  
Affordable Housing Plan (2014)  
Housing Trust Action Plan  (2009)  
Historic Preservation Plan (2008)  
Open Space & Recreation Plan (2008)  
Community Vision  
Commercial Vacancy