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Yard Sale Permit

Chapter 193 of the Town of Easton Bylaws regulate the activity of offering for sale secondhand articles within residential areas of the community.  

Yard Sale Permits are required in Easton and are obtained at the Town Clerk's Office. The fee is $10.00. You may fill out the permit application and mail it with an enclosed check (payable to Town of Easton) to the Town Clerk's Office, 136 Elm St., N. Easton, MA 02356.

§ 193-3 Requirements

A.    Yard sales: may be held in the Town of Easton pursuant to a permit granted by the Office of the Town Clerk as the Agent of the Board of Selectmen, subject to the following conditions: 

(1)   The number of garage sales an owner or resident or qualified organization may conduct shall be limited to three per calendar year.

(2)   All material available for the sale shall originate from the premises on which the sale takes place or from other residential properties in the immediate neighborhood.

(3)   No sign or advertising device shall be placed within any street right-of-way, including freestanding signs, or any sign affixed to street signs, traffic and regulatory warning signs or any utility poles within such right-of-way. No such sign or advertising device shall be placed on any public tree.

(4)   Any authorized signs may be displayed on the premises for not more than two days.

(5)   No person customarily engaged in the business of conducting garage sales shall participate in any way in a garage sale directly or indirectly unless said garage sale is conducted on said person's property and then, only providing none of the material is brought in from outside sources for purpose of resale.

(6)   Such sale shall not exceed two days' duration.

B.    The Office of the Town Clerk, upon request, may waive the requirement that all material to be sold originate from the property on which the sale is to take place, provided that the sale is under the sponsorship of an Easton-based nonprofit organization whose purpose is to provide service or charitable work.