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Licenses/Permits & Property Information

Please be aware that this permitting website will only run on Internet Explorer version 11.  Older versions of Internet Explorer are not supported.  Any version of Firefox or Chrome should function properly.

FILING for a permit or license?   Find your department, below:

Property & Street Information: Click here.  Click here to access an interactive map where you can enter an Easton address, get detailed information, including zoning,  and view the property card.

New!  Locate Commercial Properties for Sale or for Lease.  Click here.

       A)  Board of Selectmen Licenses and Permits:

October 18, 2018) Please note, Selectmen's license renewals for 2019 will be done electronically via email. This email will go out by the end of October, 2018. You will be provided with a link at that time which will allow you access to your account, update your contact information, submit your application (s) electronically and pay online.  Following our review, and the Selectmen voting to renew licenses on December 17, 2018, the license(s) will be issued and you will be able to print them from your computer. If you do not receive your renewal notice via email or have other questions relating to your license renewal, please call Assistant Town Administrator Michael Blanchard at (508) 230-0513.

LIQUOR LICENSEES: If you are a liquor licensee, please click here to access the necessary State Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC) renewal form. Locate your business and print only that page. In accordance with ABCC regulations, you must print a physical copy of this renewal form, fill it out, sign it, and mail the original to the Selectmen's Office during the month of November. The date you sign must be in November. If there are any factual inaccuracies on the ABCC renewal form, please note the correction on the form itself. Please mail the completed and signed ABCC renewal form to: Board of Selectmen's Office ATTN: Michael Blanchard, 136 Elm Street, Easton, MA 02356 no later than Wednesday, November 28, 2018.  

1. Click here to file an application for a NEW annual liquor license. 

2. Click here for all other license transactions or to log back in to your existing account (Common Victualler, ONE DAY Liquor License, Road Race, Class I or Class II license, Junk Dealers, etc.)

B)  Building (Inspectional Services) Permits:
1. Click here if you need to file an application for a building/plumbing/gas/electrical/trench, etc.  permit or for an annual Certificate of Inspection  - or need to log back into your account.

2. Click here if you are researching pending or issued permits or need to track the progress of a job (and do not have an account).

C)  Conservation Commission Permits:
1. Click here to file an application (or to log back into your account).

2. Click here to view details on Conservation Commission permits and applications in progress. 

D) Health Department/Board of Health Permits:
BOH permit holders wanting to renew permits for 2019: 
Your account will not be in renewal mode until the week of November 19th.    After this date, you will be able to log in to your account and click on the renewal links associated with each permit.  Be sure to UPLOAD/Attach current certifications or state licenses if any have expired.  Have your workers comp policy information handy for renewal.
1.  Click here if you are an engineer filing for a septic permit or an installer filing for a permit to repair a septic component.  If this is your first time and you do not have an account, please call the office at (508) 230-0620. 

2.  Opening a new food establishment?  Click here for a summary checklist detailing the process.

3. If you are filing for a food establishment/Dumpster/Dumpster Service/Title V Inspector/Septic Installer/Semi-private Pool/Tattoo Artist, Recreational Camp/Farmer's Market, etc. permit, click here (or to log back into your account).

4.   Researching septic systems?   You will click here for the Health Dept public view, and from the permit type  drop down choose "Disposal System Construction" and then enter the address in the address field.  

5. Do you need a Easton permitted Title V Inspector or Septic Installer (Disposal Works Installer)? Click here.  You will need to select the specific permit type from the dropdown menu.   Under this public view, you can also research all other type of Board of Health permit holds.

E) Planning & Zoning Board Permits:
1. Click
here to file an application (or to log back into your account).

2. Click here to view issued permits and information on applications in progress.

F)  Police Department:
Click here for a solicitor permit application. 

G) Town Clerk:
1. Click here to apply for a dog license.  (This page also has instructions for dog licensing via mail). 

2. Vital Record requests.  Request/birth/death/marriage certificate online.  Click here. 

H)  Zoning Board of Appeals:
1. Click here to file an application (or to log back into your account).

2. Click here to view issued permits and information on applications in progress.