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Envision Easton Feedback Loops


Envision Easton

Want to have a say in what Easton looks like well into the future? Let us know your thoughts on important topics like how and where Easton should grow; what aspects of Easton should be protected from development; and how neighborhood character can be enhanced or protected. Provide your feedback on the big issues Easton faces as a community, goals and objectives being developed in conjunction with Envision Easton, Easton’s ongoing Comprehensive Master Plan. Click here to go to the Envision Easton Feedback Loops to provide your comments and feedback.

Process to Date

Over the past twelve months, residents have been helping to define what Easton should be like in the future. The First Forum gave residents their first opportunity to discuss what they like about or what attracted them to Easton; what characteristics of the Town they want to see protected; and what changes they feel are needed for the town to remain a desirable place to live into the future. Working groups then identified formative issues based on that public input and began drafting goals and objectives. The Second Summit was held at the Oliver Ames High School Cafetorium on November 13, 2013. Residents and community members heard from the working groups on each area of focus and were then invited to provide their comments on the draft goals and objectives.


Feedback Loops

If you missed either of the public sessions, here is another opportunity to participate in the process. If you did participate in the sessions, but have more you would like to say, we welcome your ideas and suggestions. Through the online Feedback Loops, you can review the draft goals and objectives by Focus Area and let us know what you think. The Feedback Loops allow you to rate the various draft goals and objectives and provide specific comments. The Master Plan Steering Committee will use the input from the Feedback Loops to refine the draft goals and objectives in the  Master Plan recommendations. The Feedback Loops are open now through February 28.