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Revisions to the Easton Website


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The Town of Easton has updated its website to better serve our residents, businesses, and visitors. In general, this update has focused on improving the ease of navigation throughout the website. For a full list of change, continue reading.
Website Update July 11, 2014

-Clickable navigation tab "headers": previously, navigation bar headers (such as "Residents" or "Businesses") were clickable links that directed to a blank page. These headers are now clickable and bring readers to a summary of the respective section of the website. 

-Improved "Residents" navigation: previously, there were over 20 buttons on the Residents navigation menu. These items have been condensed into like-group buttons that will make navigating easier (i.e. "Trash Pickup" and "Recreation Programs" will pop-out when you mouse-over "Services"). Additionally, there is now a "Projects" item that groups all of the infrastructure or governmental projects going on around town in one location. 

-Revised "Quick Links": the eight buttons on the left-hand side of every webpage have been revised to reflect more-visited webpages (i.e. Employment Opportunities has been relocated to the "Residents" navigation menu and replaced with Volunteer Opportunities). Additionally, a clickable SeeClickFix logo has been placed next to the Facebook and Twitter logo so residents can access our Commonwealth Connect reporting system from any page. 

-The "Visitors" drop down navigation menu has been renamed "Leisure & Attractions" as the resources listed are enjoyable for visitors and residents alike.

-The "FAQ" navigation menu has been replaced with "Schools", which lists the websites of the schools in Easton. The "FAQ" list is accessible from the "Quick Links" on the left side of every webpage.

-A direct link to a News archive has been added to the "Residents" menu so that older news stories can be located.

-Other new webpages include: Town Governmental Information (accessible from "Residents", this contains links to all budgetary, fiscal, and legal information regarding the Town), Voter and Election Information (accessible from "Residents", mousing over this will provide links to important voter information such as enrollment status, election dates, and more.