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Community Preservation Act FY16 Funding Round



The Easton Community Preservation Act Committee (CPC) invites interested parties to apply for the next round of Community Preservation Act (CPA) funding.  Projects eligible for funding address one or more of the following goals:  Open space preservation (conservation or recreation);  historic preservation;  community housing.  All potential projects must first apply to the Community Preservation Committee and projects supported by the CPC are then sent to Town Meeting in May. The CPC expects FY16 available funding to be extremely limited and not all potential projects are likely to be funded.


Please note the schedule for this funding round has changed.  All applicants must complete an Application for Eligibility by Monday, November 3, 2014.  The CPC will review all applications for eligibility, provide the applicant with preliminary feedback, and direct the applicant to discuss his/her project with other relevant Boards and Commissions.  This is a new step in Easton’s CPA review process and is intended to  provide potential eligible projects additional time and feedback prior to the final submission deadline.  Those projects which the CPC deems to be eligible for funding must then submit a full application by January 5, 2015.  Applications for Eligibility, funding criteria  and the new CPA process timeline are available on the Town’s CPA website here:


Please contact Gary Anderson, Director of Planning and Community Development at 508-230-0640 or via email at with any questions.