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Town of Easton Launches Online Financial Transparency Center Powered by ClearGov


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The Town of Easton is proud to announce the launch of its online Financial Transparency Center, powered by ClearGov technology. This new visual budget platform empowers residents to explore all of the Town’s revenue and expenses in more detail than ever before. Pulling data from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue as well as the Town’s financial departments, residents can see how their Town stacks up compared to state averages and track financial trends over time. In addition to providing a user friendly visual budget for the public to explore, ClearGov provides town officials with powerful benchmarking tools to analyze the Town’s performance compared to similar communities around the Commonwealth.

Transparency is a core value in the management of the town, which led Easton to sign on as a Premiere Community with ClearGov during its development stage. “Each year, I produce a host of financial and budgetary reports for elected officials and the public”, said Town Administrator David Colton, “but when I saw ClearGov’s demonstration of Easton’s financial information, I knew it would be of great benefit to the Town and those we serve”. Selectwoman Dottie Fulginiti had been searching for a visual budget tool for the Town to help residents understand their stake in local government operations. “This financial information is very important, but can also be very complex”, said Fulginiti, “by presenting it in this new user friendly format, we can broaden our audience and reach more people”.

Founded by Chris Bullock, ClearGov was inspired by Bullock’s own search for financial information in his hometown. Curious to see how his tax dollars were being spent, Bullock took to his local government website in search. “I found that while local government finances are readily available, municipal financial statements are difficult for the average citizen to understand”, said Bullock, “and lack comparative context in relation to other towns”. This experience prompted Bullock to create ClearGov, which transforms municipal financial statements into a consumable and understandable form.

To visit Easton’s ClearGov page, click here: For more information about ClearGov, click here: