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Town of Easton Enters Into Two Year Energy Purchase Agreement to Save a Projected $222,846


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 The Town of Easton is proud to announce that, following a vote of the Selectmen on Monday, January 11, 2016, Town Administrator David Colton entered into an agreement with Power Management Company to procure two years of electricity for the municipality at a significant discount. With over fifty municipal facility utility accounts consuming nearly 7 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity annually, the 24 month energy purchase agreement guarantees the Town a rate of 8.2 cents per kWh, which compared to the current rate through Liberty Power, will save the Town an estimated $111,423 per year.  

Designated a Green Community in 2010, Easton continues to be a leader in municipal energy efficiency and cost savings efforts statewide. “Reducing the burden of energy prices on municipal accounts is a critical component of controlling costs”, says Town Administrator David Colton, “and each dollar not spent on a utility bill is dollar we can spend on our schools, police, and fire departments to deliver the services our residents deserve”.

This energy purchase agreement will add to other cost saving efforts accomplished by the Town in recent years. Notably, the Town has since 2014 begun saving approximately $200,000 annually as a result of the now operating 1.8 MW solar array on the Prospect Street landfill. Additionally, municipal facilities are currently being retrofitted with energy efficient appliances as part of the Town’s ongoing energy efficiency performance contract, projected to save up to $240,000 in energy costs annually.

More information about the Town’s energy efficiency projects can be found online at The Impact Analysis of this energy purchase agreement is available here.