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Snow Removal Reference List


In the wake of the most severe winter in Massachusetts' history, and in order to assist members of our Community who, for health or financial reasons, are unable to remove snow from their private property, the Town of Easton will make available a reference list of individuals willing to remove snow from private property in Easton. This list will be available in the Town Offices and at
By applying to be included on this Snow Removal Reference List, the applicant certifies that they understand that this list is referential only, and is not a certificate or endorsement of the applicant’s abilities by the Town of Easton. Further, the applicant certifies that any agreement made between the applicant and the private property owner in need of snow removal is a private agreement by and between those parties only and that the Town of Easton shall have no obligations with respect thereto. Finally, the applicant hereby agrees to release, holds harmless and indemnify the Town and its agents from any and all suits, damages, claims, or liabilities of any other kind arising from such snow-plowing services. Please visit for full application instructions.