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Town of Easton Releases New and Improved Budget Document for the Coming Fiscal Year 2017



 The Town of Easton is proud to announce the Fiscal Year 2017 Budget, presented in an entirely new, citizen-friendly format built from the ground up. This new budget format is more detailed than ever, while also including helpful guides and infographics to better convey important financial information to the public. The document itself is broken into seven sections that provide increasing levels of detail starting with the “big-picture” narrative all the way down to the departmental budget level.

Improving the quality, availability, and readability of information for the public is an ongoing goal for the Town Administrator’s Office, with this new budget document following the launch of Easton’s brand new online fiscal transparency center. “The annual budget is more than just dollars and cents; it is a reflection of the Town’s values, priorities, and goals”, said David A. Colton, Town Administrator. “Including full detail was a major goal this year, however, we are sensitive to the fact that not everyone spends their days reading detailed budgetary documents, so this new format was consciously designed to respect both citizens’ time and their interest levels, allowing the reader to determine what level of detail they wish to explore”.

The redesign of the annual budget document was championed by Selectwoman Dottie Fulginiti, who proposed the idea to the Town’s finance team in the fall of 2015. “I think we do a great job in Easton of making information available to the public,” said Fulginiti, “and given the current level of public interest in the Town’s financial operations, I thought this would be a great year to really elevate our budget presentation”.

A full copy of the Town’s Fiscal Year 2017 Budget is available now on the Town’s Fiscal Year 2017 Budget webpage, listed under the “Residents” navigation tab at Reference copies will also be available in the Town Offices and at the Ames Free Library.