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Town of Easton Completes Final Phase of LED Streetlight Conversion Project


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The Town of Easton is proud to announce that the final phase of its streetlight conversion project has been completed and that all Town owned lights in Easton are now fitted with energy efficient LED bulbs. The upgrade of the last 271 of 1442 Town owned streetlights represents the conclusion of a process beginning in 2013, when the Town purchased 98 percent of all streetlights in Easton from National Grid. Owning these lights rather than leasing them from National Grid saves the Town over $100,000 each year in perpetuity. Converting to LED lights has reduced the Town’s annual energy consumption by 328,058 kWh, which saves approximately $57,000 each year. Taken together, the purchase and conversion of these streetlights will save the Town over $160,000 annually.


Designated a Green Community in 2010, Easton continues to be a leader in municipal energy efficiency and cost savings efforts statewide. “Projects like this save money in two ways”, says Town Administrator David Colton, “you are simultaneously eliminating an annual lease payment and reducing the ongoing operations costs of our streetlights, ultimately saving money for our taxpayers”.

The completion of the streetlight conversion project follows on the heels of many successful energy efficiency projects in Easton, including a favorable power purchase agreement estimated to save the Town approximately $111,000 per year for two years.  Additionally, the Town has since 2014 begun saving approximately $200,000 annually as a result of the now operating 1.8 MW solar array on the Prospect Street landfill. Other projects, such as the Town’s ongoing energy efficiency performance contract and associated improvements to municipal facilities is projected to save up to $240,000 in energy costs annually.

More information about the Town’s energy efficiency projects can be found online at