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Easton's Comprehensive Wastewater Management Homepage


This page, is a living record of any and all information relating to the ongoing planning, development, and construction of wastewater treatment infrastructure, including treatment plants, collection systems, and more. Entries on this page will be placed in descending chronological order, with the most recent sewer related document or event at the top of the page. To view documents related only to specific sewer areas, such as North Easton Village or Easton Center (Queset), please click on the navigation panel to your left.

To browse all documents related to Easton's sewer district, please visit our Minutes on Demand page (also available by clicking "Minutes, Agendas, Documents, and Forms" to your left) and select "Sewer District" under "Sewer Commissioners".

Any questions related to this page or general sewer information should be directed to Connor Read at or (508) 230-0501.