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Capital Planning Committee

Term Ends
Lucas Murphy Member
Harris Bloomwald Member (Chair)
Colin McCarthy Member (Vice-Chair)
Rupsa Roy Member 2024
Gregory Strange Planning Board Rep
Kristina DeNapoli Finance Committee Rep
Wendy Nightingale Town Accountant

Meeting Materials, Agendas and Minutes
Beginning 9/1/21, meeting materials will be available at this location.

Copies of past meeting minutes and agendas will be available at this location (Capital Planning Committee folder) pending their completion by the Capital Planning Committee.

For the official date, time, and location of future meetings, please view the Town Clerk's Calendar at this location.

Capital Planning Committee Charge

The Capital Planning Committee is charged with the responsibility of planning and subsequently recommending to the Town Administrator a Capital Improvement Program identifying the Town's future capital projects, programs, improvements and acquisitions having a useful life of greater than (5) years and a cost of at least twenty five thousand dollars ($25,000), including request(s) for funds for a class of asset(s) that exceeds $25,000.

Easton Town Code Chapter 6: Capital Planning Committee

Easton Town Charter § C6-6- Capital Improvement program

Revisions to the Capital Planning Committee as of Annual Town Meeting, 2013: Article 34