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Adopt-A-Cemetery Program

Sponsored by the Easton Cemetery Commission and the Easton Lions Club: 


The Easton Cemetery Commission and the Easton Lions Club have joined forces and organized an Adopt-A-Cemetery program in town.  There are approximately 30 town-owned burial spaces in Easton.  Most of these sites are very historic and all but forgotten.  This effort will match up local individuals, families, and/or Easton organizations concerned about preserving Easton’s history. This is a unique opportunity to maintain our cemeteries, the final resting place of many Easton residents, and preserve our heritage.

You may choose one of two adoption options:

1) Mow, hand-weed, remove trash as needed throughout the year. Replace loose wall stones, report broken markers and monitor tree growth.

2) Sponsor a cemetery by entering into a financial obligation with a local landscape company to do the work.

Sites range from under a tenth of an acre to six acres. All adopters will be credited for their contribution to the maintenance and beautification of our historical burial sites. As of March 15, 2011, six sites have confirmed adopters. Additionally, commitments have been made by the Friends of Easton's Public Gardens, Sean Flynn Landscaping, and the Bank of Easton. A forum about that program can be found at

To adopt a cemetery, contact the Easton Lions Adopt-A-Cemetery Coordinator, Kevin Martin.