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Pine Grove Cemetery

Pine Grove Quartz Grave Stone  SD SMPine Grove Cemetery on Morse Road in Easton is a privately owned cemeterythat has unfortunately deteriorated over the past centuries. As relatives of those buried in this cemetery have passed away or moved from the area, it became increasingly difficult for the trustees to maintain Pine Grove. Established in 1796, this is an historically important cemetery and is a vital record of our earliest citizens. Many veterans are buried in this cemetery, including veterans from the American Revolutionary War. In 2009 the trustees of Pine Grove Cemetery voted to gift the cemetery to the Town. The Cemetery Commission supported Pine Grove becoming a town-owned cemetery, in order that this cemetery, a part of Easton's history, would be preserved and maintained.


At Annual Town Meeting on May 18, 2009, Easton residents approved Article 16 which included a grant from the CPA Committee for $30,000 from the Historic Resources Reserve Fund for restoration work at the Pine Grove Cemetery, subject to the transfer of the cemetery to the ownership, custody, and control of the Town of Easton and acceptance by the Town of such transfer.

A MESA review of the Pine Grove property was completed in August 2009, and at Special Town Meeting on October 5, 2009, the Town accepted the gift of Pine Grove Cemetery. In August 2010 the restoration of iron gates, stone walls, fences, archways, and stonework to accommodate archways and gates was completed. 

Presently, unless connected to a church in town, there are limited options for those wishing to be buried in Easton. The Commission is currently drafting cemetery procedures that would include a burial and grave fee pricing structure that would be applicable to any burials in town-owned cemeteries. Past reviews and studies of Pine Grove Cemetery indicate that there are approximately 180 burial plots that could be made available for sale in the future. The Cemetery Commission will inform residents when grave lots become available for purchase.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email one of our members or call (508) 230-0501.