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Community Preservation Committee

The Community Preservation Act (CPA) was enacted by State legislation to provide dedicated funding for preservation of open space, historic resources and community housing. CPA funding is provided through a local real estate tax surcharge and a statewide Registry of Deeds surcharge. Easton adopted the CPA in 2001.   

CPA funds can only be used for open space protection, historic preservation, affordable housing, and outdoor recreation.  For more information CPA and how it works, click here.


Easton’s voters adopted the CPA because they recognized the importance of preserving the treasures that comprise Easton’s character and contribute to our quality of life.


Since adopting the CPA, Easton's CPA funds have been used to acquire open space, construct playgrounds, preserve historically significant structures, and create and protect community housing.  

In 2015 the Easton CPC adopted its first Community Preservation Plan.  The Plan includes a history of the CPA in Easton, past project and financial information, and project priorities for each CPA category (Housing, Historic Resources, Open Space and Recreation).   The 2015 CPA Plan is available here.


Visit the statewide Community Preservation Coalition's website at for more information about the Community Preservation Act.


To see Community Preservation Fund Financial reports, please see this page.

Please click on the links below to view applications for CPA projects to be considered at May 2019 Town Meeting for Fiscal Year 2020.  

Affordable Housing Trust - FY20 Projects & Programs
Easton Housing Authority - Elise Circle Roofs
Muscato Stadium - Field & Track Resurfacing 
Oakes Ames Memorial Hall - Fire Alarm Radio Box
Smith Farmhouse at Borderland - Exterior Restoration
South Easton Cemetery - Historic Fence Restoration
Tufts Farm - Assessment & Plan
Unionville Field - Pickleball Courts - Design & Engineering

For a list and description of previously approved CPA projects in Easton, please click here.


Member Position:
Term ends:
James Lee
Chair, Citizen representative
Gregory Strange
Vice-Chair, Planning & Zoning representative
Stefan Cautino
Conservation Commission representative
Edmund Hands
Citizen representative
Avery Lee Williams
Clerk, Citizen representative
Dennis Sheedy
Easton Housing Authority representative
John Ventresco
Historical Commission representative
Amanda Buck Varella
Citizen representative
Meredith Keach
Recreation Commission representative