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Economic Development Council

Commercial & Industrial Property Site Finder
Consider it Local - ECAT monthly spotlights on Easton local business
Small Business Week, May 5-11

The charge of the Economic Development Council of Easton is tothinkeaston promote the sustainable economic development in the Town of Easton through collaboration with neighborhoods, businesses, and regional governments to create employment opportunities and sustainable growth. The Economic Development Council's Charge.

DOING BUSINESS in EASTON - why and what you need to know


Name                                                                            Expiration Date
Dottie Fulginiti Chair/ Board of Selectmen Representative June 30, 2020
Marc Lamb Board of Selectmen Representative June 30, 2020
Jon Holbrook Member June 30, 2020
Bruce Boyer Member June 30, 2020
Keith McLaughlin Member June 30, 2020
Daniel Farren Member June 30, 2020
Timothy McCaul Alternate Member June 30, 2021
Krystyna Ciaglo Alternate Member June 30, 2021
Stephanie Danielson

Vice Chair/Director-Planning & Economic Development