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Easton Demolition Review

Easton Demolition Review Bylaw and Regulations

The Easton Demolition Review Bylaw was enacted for the purpose of preserving and protecting significant buildings within the Town of Easton that constitute or reflect distinctive features of the architectural, cultural, economic, political, or social history of the town and to limit the detrimental effect of demolition on the character of the town. Through this bylaw, owners of preferably preserved buildings are encouraged to seek out alternative options that will preserve, rehabilitate or restore such buildings, and residents of the town are alerted to impending demolitions of significant buildings.

Key Documents 

Click here for an overview of the Building Demolition Review Process
Click here for a Building Demolition Review Application
Click here for Building Demolition Review Regulations
Click here for the Building Demolition Review Bylaw

The Demolition Review Bylaw In Brief 

No demolition permit for a building that is in whole or in part seventy-five (75) or more years old will be issued without following the provisions of the Demotion Review Bylaw and regulations. An applicant proposing to demolish a building subject to this bylaw shall file with the Historical Commission, through the Department of Planning & Community Development, an application.

 Within fifteen (15) days of receipt of the application, the Commission determines whether the building is significant. If the Commission determines the building is not significant, they will  notify the Building Inspector and applicant in writing. The Building Inspector may then issue the demolition permit. 

 If the Commission determines that the building is significant, a public hearing will be held within thirty (30) days to determine if the building is preferably preserved. Public notice of the time, place and purpose of the hearing is posted not less than seven (7) days prior to the date of the hearing, and the applicant and Building Inspector are notified in writing of the meeting time and place.

 If the Commission determines that the building is preferably preserved, no demolition permit may be issued for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of the notification unless otherwise agreed to by the Commission, as set forth in the Building Demolition Review Regulations.

Process for Demolition Permit Review

For instructions for filing a Demolition Review application, timeframes and to view a flowchart of the Demolition Review Processclick here.