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Local Historic District

At Annual Town Meeting, May 17, 2010 the Town voted to establish the Ames Historic District (the District) in the North Easton Village.  The District included the H.H. Richardson buildings, the structures that comprised the historic Shovel Shops mill complex, and the Gate Lodge.  The District was expanded at Annual Town Meeting on May 20, 2013.  Commercial structures and and residents along Oliver Street and Main Street were added. 

Click here for the Historical Commission's Local Historic District Rules and Regulations
Click here for the fee schedule 
Click here for the final Study Report for the 2010 Establishment of the Ames Local Historic District
Click here for the final Study Report for the 2013 Expansion of the Ames Local Historic District
Click here to see a Map of the Expanded Ames Local Historic District

To view the original study report, map and the Ames Local Historic District Bylaw please visit the Town's Minutes on Demand page and click Historical Commission.

Local Historic Districts, which are enabled under M.G.L. C. 40C., provide towns with a valuable tool for protecting the character and historic significance of important historic districts and structures within the town.

For answers to frequently asked questions about Local Historic Districts, click here.

“Throughout Massachusetts, cities and towns face the needless destruction of their treasured historic resources. Village centers, neighborhoods and downtowns are often not very well protected and through demolitions and insensitive alterations can easily disappear. However, many cities and towns in Massachusetts have taken steps to better protect their historic resources. The strongest form of protection is a local historic district created through a local bylaw or ordinance.”

Establishing Local Historic Districts, Massachusetts Historical Commission

Historic districts do not prevent all changes or even demolitions from occurring. They do help to make changes and additions harmonious, and prevent architectural Elements that might detract from the aesthetic and historic values of the district.