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February 23, 2021

Gender Identity: A Listening Session

Easton’s Human Rights Committee hosted a listening session on gender identity, encouraging participants to learn about the different ways a person defines and conceptualizes their gender. The session also included first-hand experiences on navigating gender identity from people within our community.


Kelly P. Boutin, M.Ed. (she/her/hers), 
Director, Hochberg Women's Center & Pride Center, Bryant University

Esmée Silverman (she/her/hers), 
Transgender Perspective

Robin Tolub (they/them/theirs, she/her/hers), 
Non-binary Perspective

Sarah Cenedella (she/her/hers), 
Transgender Parent Perspective

Dianne Monnin (she/her/hers), 
Transgender Parent Perspective

Kerri Mullen (she/her/hers), 
Transgender Parent Perspective

Download the flyer.

Visit our "Resources" page for a list of transgender resources.

December 17, 2020

Religious Holidays: A Listening Session

The HRC hosted a listening session on navigating the holidays as a non-Christian in a predominantly Christian society. Mary-Joan Leith, professor of Religious Studies from Stonehill College, led the discussion with an overview of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—the three largest religions in the US. She summarized the key similarities and differences of these three religions. Following Leith’s introduction, members of our community will shared their perspectives, highlighting their holiday experiences as non-Christians.

Speakers included:

  • Mary-Joan Leith, Professor of Religious Studies, Stonehill College 
  • Faiza Bokhari, speaking from a Muslim perspective 
  • Kacey O’Donnell, speaking from a Wiccan perspective 
  • Josh Parker, speaking from a Jewish perspective 
  • Bala Sundaram, speaking from a secular Hindu perspective

To learn more, download the flyer.

October 21, 2020

Race & Racism: A Family Conversation

The HRC is pleased to partner with Dr. Liza Talusan to bring a family-friendly workshop on race and racism to our community. Dr. Talusan is a leading facilitator, educator, and scholar-practitioner in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her hour-long (remote) session is designed to help us engage, as a community, in having conversations about race and racism and moving us into action.

Thank you to the Old Colony YMCA, the Ames Free Library, and Raising Multicultural Kids for helping us get the word out about the event. And a BIG thank you to Liza and all who attended the workshop.

Download the flyer.

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July-October, 2020

Let’s Talk About Race

The HRC is proud to partner with Raising Multicultural Kids on their “Let’s Talk About Race” book discussion series — a book group aimed at opening the door to conversations about race and racism. Two sessions have been held, discussing the books White Fragility by Robin Diangelo and So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijoema Oluo.

Learn more about Raising Multicultural Kids and their upcoming events.

August 26, 2020

Walk in my Shoes

The HRC partnered with Raising Multicultural Kids and the Ames Free Library, inviting members of our community to share what it’s like to live as a person of color in our town. This mind-opening listening session gives us an opportunity to hear from their perspectives and to learn how we can better support our friends and neighbors.

Download the flyer.

June 7, 2020

March for Racial Justice

On June 7, the Human Rights Committee particpated in a Peaceful Protest in Support of George Floyd and Racial Justice at Oliver Ames High School.

George Floyd March at OA

Read more about how our community is speaking out:

December 7, 2019

Easton's Holiday Festival Parade

Human Rights Committee members (and friends) were delighted to march in Easton's Holiday Festival & Main Street Stroll, sponsored by Easton Lion’s Club.


October 6, 2019

The Envelope Project

The Human Rights Committee presented The Envelope Project at this year's NRT Harvest and Craft Fair. Members of the community were able to exchange kind words — a simple act that reminds us that everyone deserves the basic human rights of tolerance and respect.

Download the flyer.

June 1, 2019

Active Bystander Training

The Old Colony YMCA and Easton’s Human Rights Committee sponsored FREE Active Bystander training at Frothingham Hall. Email to learn more.

Download the flyer.

February 2019

Eat with Strangers

In February, the Human Rights Committee facilitated “Eat with Strangers,” an event to encourage Easton residents to meet their neighbors and to learn about people they might never have met before. Thanks to all who participated and helped make the event happen.

Download the flyer.
Read the Enterprise article.

January 8, 2019

Faces of Easton

Thank you to everyone who participated in "Faces of Easton" at the NRT Harvest Fair in September. We are happy to report that the project has been completed and you can now see the banner on display around town (currently hosted at Center School).

The final artwork is also available digitally. Download the "Faces of Easton" mosaic now.

December 1 & 2

"Be the Light"

Thank you to everyone who participated in “Be the Light” and helped spread good intentions and positivity to our community.

Read more about the event here.



September 30, 2018

NRT’s Harvest & Craft Fair

Stop by our booth at the 45th Annual NRT Harvest & Craft Fair to learn about our committee and upcoming events. Learn more at

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Bystander Training

Last spring, The HRC sponsored a training called "Active Bystanders: Creating Safety in Contentious Times," facilitated by Quabbin Mediation. To learn more, visit To find out about future trainings, please email the Committee.

November 25th—December 10th, 2018

Festival of Trees

The Human Rights Committee sponsored a UNITY tree, using remnants of pink yarn from the UNITY project.

October 1, 2017

The UNITY Project

The Natural Resources Trust (NRT) and Easton’s Human Rights Committee partnered to bring UNITY to Eaton—an interactive public art project that examined how labels both help and hinder our ability to build unity as a community and as a human race.

LETTERS: Unity project drew hundreds of participants

 600 take part in Unity Project at Easton’s Harvest Fair