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Human Rights Committee

Human Rights Awareness during the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic

Friday, March 13, 2020. The Easton Human Rights Committee is dedicated to building a stronger and more unified Town. During this time of heightened stress, angst, and uncertainty around the globe, we urge everyone to treat one another with respect and dignity, and to protect the human rights of each and every member of our community. As the world comes to a standstill, the challenges each of us face are diverse, but together as a community there is power in helping our neighbors, spreading kindness, and keeping our community free from bigotry, hatred, intolerance, and disrespect.

Read this thoughtful article by the American Academy of Pediatrics about Fighting Racism and Discriminiation in the Wake of Coronavirus.

To learn more about the HRC or upcoming events, please email us at

About The Committee

Easton's Human Rights Committee is a group of Easton residents dedicated to building a stronger, more unified Town—free from bigotry, hatred, intolerance, and disrespect. Current membership includes nine (9) at-large citizens, one (1) Board of Selectmen member, one (1) School Committee member, and one (1) Civil Rights Officer. Our meetings usually take place on the second Thursday of each month and are open to the public. 



Our Mission

  • To promote Easton’s vision of a community that has as its core values freedom from bigotry, hatred, intolerance, and disrespect.
  • To build a stronger, more unified Town that respects and recognizes both our diversity and our commonalities.
  • To work with community groups and agencies to educate and to promote understanding to eliminate prejudice and intolerance.
  • To confront statements and actions that conflict with the core values expressed above.

Read a full copy of the Human Rights Committee’s charge, adopted by the Selectmen on March 23, 2009 and amended on February 26, 2018.

View the latest Human Rights Committee flyer.

Download the 2019-2020 Easton Guide to Holiday Observance.

How to Donate

To donate to the Committee, please make checks payable to “Town of Easton” accompanied by a memo that describes where and how you’d like the gift to be spent. If you’d like your gift to remain anonymous, please say so in your memo.

Example: This gift is intended for "Hate Has No Home Here" signs. This gift should remain anonymous.

Checks can be mailed or delivered to Town Hall, 136 Elm Street, Easton, MA 02356. All donations and requests must be accepted by the Board of Selectmen.

To determine whether or not your donation is tax deductible, please contact a tax professional.

Current Members

Name Membership Term Expiration
Ilisabeth Bornstein Chair 06/30/2020
Karen Chan Vice Chair 06/30/2020
Craig Barger BOS Representative 06/30/2020
Amy Gershman Member 06/30/2022
Irene Deane Member 06/30/2020
Alikki Kiniklis Member 06/30/2021
Beth Devonshire Member 06/30/2021
Michelle Durrance School Committee Representative 06/30/2020
Katherine Foster Member 06/30/2022
Alison Urciuoli Member 06/30/2022
Stephanie Cantave Member 06/30/2021
Matthew Badoud Civil Rights Officer  




The Human Rights Committee welcomes questions and comments. Please email us at