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Applications & Fees

ALL applications must be submitted online.  Paper submissions will no longer be accepted.  Please use the forms below for reference only.

To submit an application, at the Town of Easton click here.  If you are a first time user, you will need to Registry first, then login with the username and password you created to enter and submit the application. Once you have completed the online application, including uploading of plans and/or documents and paid the filing fee,  submit two sets of plans to the Planning & Zoning Board.

All fees are non-refundable once the application process has commenced.


  • Outside consulting fees, such as may be required for engineering review of stormwater management plans, are not included in the application fee, and should be submitted as a separate check. See also, Notes on Consultant Costs


  • An applicant may incur an extra cost relating to the direct legal expenses resulting from the applicant’s project review and administration related to surety being held to ensure that the construction of roadways and all related improvements are completed satisfactorily.  This extra cost is in addition to, and separate from, the basic per linear foot inspection/review fee and the required review fee for Preliminary Subdivisions and Special Permits relating to Estate Lots, Common Driveways and use within the Aquifer Protection District.   The applicant shall be required to pay the full actual cost of the legal review prior to any release of any lot or issuance of any permits.  This shall be made a condition of any approval of the Board.


Please contact staff for more information or assistance.


FormsDescriptionFee (Subject to Change)
Form A
Approval Not Required Plan $300.00
Form B
Preliminary Subdivision Plan

$1,000.00. This cost may be applied towards the cost of a Definitive Subdivision based on a valid, approved Preliminary Subdivision Plan.



Form C
Definitive Subdivision Plan

$3,000.00, plus:


  • Application fee of $500.00 per lot when combined with a special permit application (other than Common Driveway) OR $1000.00 per lot;


  • $350.00 for advertising and mailing; and,



Form D
Modification of a Definitive Subdivision Plan

Minor $300.00


Major $1500.00, plus $350.00 for advertising and mailing notices up to actual costs incurred.  Outside consultants review fee may be required, as per Section 11.1 of the Subdivision Rules and Regulations.


Form E

Performance Covenant for a Subdivision



Form F

Certificate of Performance (for lot release)



Form G

Bond/Lot Release Form (to request inspections on Subdivisions)



Estate Lot
Special Permit: Estate Lot $1500.00; plus $350.00 for advertising & mailing
Common Driveway

Special Permit: Common Driveway



$ 300.00 per driveway; plus $350.00 for advertising & mailing
Aquifer Protection District
Special Permit: Aquifer Protection $1000.00; plus $350.00 for advertising and mailing notices.  Outside consultants review fee may be required, as per section 11.1 of the Subdivision Rules & Regulations.
Flexible Development

Special Permit: Flexible Development


$3000.00; plus $350.00 for advertising and mailing
Residential Compound
Special Permit: Residential Compound  $3000.00; plus $350.00 for advertising and mailing

Special Permit: Adult Retirement Development



$3000.00; plus $350.00 for advertising and mailing
Special Permit: Duplexes
  •  $300.00; plus $350.00 for advertising & mailing
Modification of a Special Permit
  • Minor:   $300.00


  • Major:   $1500.00, plus $350.00 for advertising and mailing notices.  Outside consultants review fee may be required, as per Section 11.1 of the Subdivision Rules & Regulations.

(Note: When modifying a Special Permit and the Definitive Subdivision Plan, both fees apply)


Site Plan Review

Site Plan Review

For New Construction:
UP TO 10,000 S.F. BLDG: $1,500.00
10,000-24,999 S.F. BLDG: $2,500.00
25,000-99,999 S.F. BLDG:$4,000.00
100,000+ S.F. BLDG: $6,500.00

For Change of Use, Additions of up to 50% of Existing Square Footage, or Parking Lot  Expansions of up to 50% of Existing Area:
UP TO 10,000 S.F. BLDG: $500.00
10,000-24,999 S.F. BLDG: $750.00
25,000-99,999 S.F. BLDG:$1,000.00

100,000+ S.F. BLDG: $1,500.00


 Outside consultants review fee for stormwater review  may apply (if applicable, see Section 8 of the Subdivision Rules and Regulations). 



Street Acceptances $500.00 per street
Application for Plan Approval

For use in the Queset Smart Growth Overlay District


Application fee of $1,500, plus an advertising fee of $350. Outside consultants review fee may apply, as per Section 11.1 of the Subdivision of the Rules & Regulations.
Informal review of any application First time, free. Second time+, $200


*A “Covenantor” or successor in title shall be required to complete a roadway and all related improvements within two years from the date of endorsement of the subdivision plan.  If a one year extension is required, a fee of $500.00 shall be paid for this initial extension.  A fee of $5000.00 shall be payable to the Town of Easton for each separate one year extension required thereafter.                                                     

**If a way is not being created under the Subdivision Control Law to provide lot frontage for applications submitted under Section 7-15 ( Open Space Residential Development ), the existing total frontage of the parcel shall be used in calculating the per linear foot review fee. If there are more than two sides of the parcel with legal frontage, the longest side of the parcel will be used in the calculation.

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  • Notes on Consultant Costs

Easton Subdivision Rules and Regulations, Section 11.1


In any matter under the Board’s review where the Board  determines that the assistance of outside consultants (engineers, lawyers or other appropriate professionals) is warranted due to the size, scale, or complexity of a proposed project or because of a project’s potential impacts, the Board shall require that applicants pay a “review fee” and a “construction inspection fee” consisting of the reasonable costs incurred by the Board for the employment of outside consultants engaged by the Board in their view of an application and to ensure compliance with Board decisions.


A deposit towards said “review fee” shall be made at the time the application is submitted (see Fee Schedule).  Amendments to an approved subdivision plan must also be accompanied by the appropriate fees (see Fee Schedule).  Any application not accompanied by the appropriate fee, payable to the Town of Easton, in cash, money order, bank or certified check, shall be deemed incomplete.  An Applicant’s failure to pay any additional review or inspection fee within three business days of receiving notice that further fees are required shall be grounds for either disapproval or rescission of a decision of the Board.


Funds received by the Board pursuant to this section shall be deposited with the municipal treasurer, who shall, pursuant to M.G.L .c.44, §53G, establish a special account for this purpose.  Expenditures from this special account may be made at the direction of the Board without further appropriation by Town Meeting.  Expenditures from this special account shall be made only in connection with the review of a specific project or projects for which a review fee has been or will be collected from the Applicant.  Failure of an Applicant to pay all appropriate review fees shall be grounds for denial of the application.


Review fees may only be spent for services rendered in connection with the specific project for which they were collected.  Accrued interest may also be spent for this purpose.  At the completion of the Board’s review of a project, any excess amount in the account, including interest, attributable to a specific project, shall be repaid to the applicant or the applicant’s successor in interest.  A final report of said account shall be made available to the Applicant or the Applicant’s successor in interest, provided that any person or entity claiming to be an Applicant’s successor in interest shall provide the Board with documentation establishing such succession in interest.


Pursuant to M.G.L. c.44, §53G, any Applicant may take an administrative appeal from the selection of the outside consultant to the Board of Selectmen.  The grounds for such an appeal shall be limited to claims that the consultant selected has a conflict of interest or does not possess the minimum required qualifications.  The minimum qualifications shall consist of either an educational degree in or related to the field at issue or three or more years of practical experience in the field at issue or a related field. The required time limit for action upon an application by the Board shall be extended by the duration of the administrative appeal.  In the event that no decision is made by the Board of Selectmen within one month following the filing of the appeal, the selection made by the Board shall stand.

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