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Resources for Board and Committee Members


This webpage has been developed by the Office of the Town Administrator and the Town Clerk to provide Board and Committee members (both Appointed and Elected) with useful documents relating to the posting of minutes and agendas, Open Meeting Law, Conflict of Interest Law, and more. If you need information and can't find it here, please email the Town Clerks Office at 

(Updated November 2018)

Board and Committee Training:

In October of 2018, the Town of Easton conducted a seminar covering important topics pertinent to all Board and Committee members. These included: Open Meeting Law, Conflict of Interest, Ethics, and the Town's Social Media Policy. For your benefit, full coverage is available below and a copy of the presentation slides are available here

In February of 2018, the Town of Easton conducted a seminar entitled "Contemporary Topics for Effective Municipal Leadership" covering important topics pertinent to all Board and Committee members, including social media and executive session privilege. For your benefit, full coverage is available below. 

Requirements for Members:

Sworn In

All Board and Committee Members (both Elected and Appointed) must be sworn in upon each appointment / reappointment. You are ineligible to participate as an acting member of this Board or Committee until you have been sworn in, even upon reappointment. Please contact the Town Clerk’s Office at (508) 230-0530 to make arrangements to be sworn in to the faithful performance of your duties.

Upon each appointment / reappointment Board and Committee Members are required to acknowledge receipt of the Open Meeting and State Conflict of Interest Laws within two (2) weeks. All requirements will be reviewed with you when you are sworn in and you will be presented with the necessary compliance documents at that time.

Opening Meeting Law
MGL Chapter 30A, §20(h) requires that you acknowledge receipt of the following three (3) Open Meeting Law materials within two weeks of appointment or re-appointment.   

  1. 1. Open Meeting Law - MGL c. 30A, §§ 18-25
  2. 2. OML Regulations - promulgated by the Attorney General under MGL c. 30A, § 25
  3. 3. Opening Meeting Law Guide - Educational materials promulgated by the Attorney General under MGL c. 30A, § 19(b), explaining the Open Meeting Law and its application

Acknowledgement of Receipt of OML Materials–to be returned to the Town Clerk

Open Meeting Law Training VideosAvailable by the Office of the Attorney General

State Ethics / Conflict of Interest Law
Chapter 28 of the Acts of 2009 requires that you acknowledge receipt of the summary of the Conflict of Interest Law within two weeks of appointment or re-appointment. You are also required to complete an Online Conflict of Interest course and submit the Certificate of Completion to the Town Clerk within 30 days of your appointment.

Conflict of Interest Law Summary

Acknowledgement of Receipt of Ethics Summary to be returned to the Town Clerk

Mandatory Education & Training Requirements
In addition, the State Ethics Law imposes mandatory education and training requirements on public employers and public employees. Under the law the term “employee” includes full and part-time municipal employees as well as elected officials, committee and board appointees.

Annual Distribution
You must ANNUALLY also acknowledge receipt of the summary. The annual distribution is done each fall via email and for your convenience all you must do is reply RECEIVED to that email to be in compliance.

Online Training Program & Certificate of Completion
You must complete and have on file with the Town Clerk a current online training certificate. Certificates are only valid for 2 years and therefor the online training requirement must be completed every other year.

The link to access the program is:

Please note we can NOT accept blank training certificates – your name MUST appear on it. See page 2 of the Summary of Mandatory Ethics Requirements for additional information in regards to the computer settings (you must use Internet Explorer and have pop up blockers turned off for it to work correctly) for the test as well as other helpful instructions.

Online Training Help Documents:  Computer Requirements & Tips, Online Training Issues, Screen shots for online test

For more information please visit the Ethics Commissions website,

Social Media Policy
The Town of Easton requires all requires all Boards and Committee Members Acknowledge receipt of its Social Media Policy.  Members should sign the last page of the policy and return it to the Town Clerk to be in compliance.

Social Media Policy

Acknowledgement of Social Media Policyto be returned to the Town Clerk

Resources for Members:
Easton Commission and Board Member Handbook- This handbook is a comprehensive guide to serving on volunteer boards in the Town of Easton. Please read through it carefully.

Board of Selectmen's Agenda Scheduling Policy - Boards and Committees often wish to submit items to the Board of Selectmen for discussion, action or consideration. Due to the volume of these requests, the Selectmen have established a policy for submission of such requests. Please review this policy.

Executive Session Checklist - Helpful guidelines to follow regarding executive sessions.

Agenda Posting Checklist – Helpful guide of reminders for posting Agendas.

Agenda Posting Template - All Boards must use this word.doc for their meeting agendas. All agendas must be emailed to the Clerk's Office in compliance with the naming conventions.

Minutes and Agenda Naming Conventions - These file names must be used by board members for minutes and agendas so that they can be automatically sorted and filed on our Minutes on Demand webpage.

Minutes Checklist - Helpful guide of reminders for what is required in minutes.

Town of Easton Volunteer Application Form - This form is used for new applications as well as reapplying when member terms expire. Please note - the fillable PDF format does not always format properly on Mac OS and iOS computers and mobile platforms. If you are using one of these operating systems, please download the Microsoft Word version of the application