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Junk Dealer License

Select Board General Application


A Junk Dealer's License is required for every person who is in the business of collecting, dealing in, or keeping a shop for the purchase, sale, resale or barter of junk, old and precious metals, and/or secondhand articles.


At Special Town Meeting, November 19, 2012, Section 156 of the Town of Easton general bylaws, which regulates Junk Dealers, was ammended. It is important that you review the warrant article # 10 and review the changes to this bylaw.


Please understand that, if licensed, a Junk Dealer is required to keep a detailed log of secondhand purchases over $500.00 and is required to report these items to the Easton Police before resale. Please review the above warrant article / bylaw carefully for full instructions on this requirement.


Please review the above application. In addition to the above general application you will be required to file a Worker's Compensation Affadavit, a Junk Dealer's License Application, and a Business Certificate with the Town Clerk's Office. Please call (508) 230-0501 or email with any questions.