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Easton Rent Control Board

Easton SELECT Board

At Town Meeting in May, 2011, voters approved a citizen petition requesting that the state authorize the Town to regulate rents and evictions in Easton’s mobile home community. In accordance with the State Act passed in September 2013 allowing Easton’s Home Rule Petition, and the approved Article 1 from the February 2012 Special Town Meeting establishing Easton’s bylaw, the Town of Easton has established a Rent Control Board tasked with regulating rents, evictions, and housing standards at mobile home communities in Easton.


Specific details are covered in the State legislation and in the municipal bylaw, which follow below.


Governing Regulations, Legislation, and Bylaws


Annual Town Meeting 2011 - Article Establishing the Easton Rent Control Board Home Rule Petition

Special Town Meeting 2012 - Article Establishing the Mobile Home Bylaw as well as the Select Board as the Easton Rent Control Board

Massachusetts Legislature Special Act of 2013 Chapter 88 adopted September 26, 2013

Easton Rent Control Rules and Regulations as adopted by the Select Board December 16, 2013.