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Bristol County Mosquito Control Residential Ground Spray Information

Residential Spray requests:  Each spring the BCMCP begins taking residential spray request for the mosquito season. You may call the office at 508-823-5253 between the hours of 8am-2pm. Please be patient as the line will be very busy. You may fax a request to 508-828-1868 or email a request to Please include your last name, full address including zip code with your request.

Residential Spray Exclusions:
Under 333 CMR 13.03 , an exclusion request may be made to opt out of pesticide applications performed by a Project, or any other individual making a wide-area application as defined in 333 CMR 13.01 Request directions can be found here. Exclusion requests may be submitted at any time during the year, and will go into effect 14 days from the date the request is made. All requests will expire December 31st in the calendar year in which they are received.

Residents are urged to use personal protection methods and avoid mosquito bites.  Following the suggestions on the Yard maintenance information from BCMCP  flyer can help minimize the number of biting mosquitoes in your yard.

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