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Influenza Information


The flu is an illness of the body’s respiratory system. H1N1 flu is caused by a new virus that was first recognized in April of 2009. Each year the CDC attempts to predict which viruses will be most prevalent in the upcoming season and tailors the vaccine to meet that anticipated viruses. 

One of our best defenses against seasonal flu is the use of a flu vaccine. The vaccine only provides protection against the three strains mentioned above. It takes up to 2 weeks for protection to develop after the shot. Protection lasts about one year. The CDC recommends continuing vaccination with seasonal influenza vaccine for the following reasons:


• The timing, spread and severity influenza viruses is uncertain. Flu outbreaks may occur in different places at different times.

• Outbreaks may occur in waves of 6-week to 8-week time periods. These waves of influenza may occur over several months or years. Different people may be affected during each wave.

• Flu season can last as late as May. It’s possible that other waves of influenza activity may occur this flu season


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