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Septic System Information

Interim Inspection Policy during COVID-19 Declared State of Emergency

Board of Health Guidelines to Maintaining your Septic System

Septic System Additives allowed by Title 5

If you need a copy of your septic as built for pumping purposes, please email  If we have one on file, we will scan and email it to you; please allow us 48 hours to reply.  If you are having a Title 5 inspection, ask us to email you a PDF of your septic design plan and septic as built.  Most Title 5 Inspectors can now work with a PDF and you do not need to obtain a paper copy.

Searching for a list of licensed Title 5 Inspectors, Septic Installers or new septic construction?  Please read the directions below first.

1.  You will have to select a permit type from the drop-down menu:

a.  Septic Installer.  Select "Disposal Works Installer"
b.  Title 5 Inspector.  Select "Title V Inspector"
c.  Researching septic systems: Enter the address (do not enter St, Dr. or Cir).  If you are researching applications for septic systems or permitted septic systems, select "Disposal System Construction"  (Note: this database only has information starting 2016).

2.  Then click on the search/magnifying glass.  Click here to access this database.

Please note  septic installers/Title V inspectors who have renewed for 2020 will have a "20" in their license number. 

Title 5 Inspections:

Title 5 requires that all septic systems be inspected whenever there is a transfer of the title to the facility served by the system.  There are some specific exceptions to this rule -systems that have been constructed with in 2 years of the transfer; transfers between spouses, parents and children, siblings and some trusts, are a few examples.  Inspectors who perform this work must be licensed by both the State of Massachusetts and the Easton Board of Health.  Inspectors must comply with the requirements of Title 5 and the Easton BOH inspection regulations.

An inspector can provide you the condition of your septic in writing by providing you with a Title 5 Official Inspection report.  The inspector should submit the report to the BOH office for our review within 30 days of the inspection date.  24 months of the most recent  water consumption records must be attached.   If you are just curious and do not wish to have your results documented you can also request a voluntary assessment of your system.  We have available on file copies of the Title 5 inspection reports and Certificates of Compliance which are required prior to the sale of real estate.

Septic designs for new construction, repairs and most alterations require that a Massachusetts Professional Engineer or a Massachusetts Registered Sanitarian provide a professional stamped plan for the design.  Please click here for a list of professionals that have submitted septic applications to the Town of Easton.

Title 5 and Real Estate Transactions

Financial Information:

1)  Septic Betterment Loan Program. Click here.  This program provides loans at a low interest rate from the Town to Easton residents with no income eligibility requirement.

 2)  Mass Housing Septic System Repair Loan Program. Click here.  This program provides no and low interest loans through participating lenders to borrowers who meet income eligibility requirements. 

 3) The Commonwealth provides a tax credit of up to $6,000 over 4 years to defray the cost of septic repairs to a primary residence. Forms are available from the Department of Revenue (DOR) to enable homeowners to claim up to $6,000 in tax credits for septic upgrades. The credit cannot exceed $1,500 in any year and may be spread out over 4 years.  The tax credit is limited to work done on a primary residence only.

Please visit the web pages for detailed information:

Repair or replacement of failed cesspool/septic system credit (see bottom of this page)

TIR 99-20: Title 5 Septic System Expenditures Credit -- Calculation of Subsidy Deduction

  • All alterations, repairs and construction of on-site septic systems that discharge less than ten thousand gallons per day (10,000 gpd) are reviewed and approved at the local level.  This would include septic repair work related to corrections needed on Title 5 transfer of property inspections reports. 

  • All septic plans are to be accompanied with a completed application for Disposal System Construction Permit and the appropriate fee for the review process to start.

  • All local and state variance requests are required to be in writing and submitted to the Board of Health seven (7) working days prior to the meeting so adequate time will be allowed for plan review.  Title 5 variance requests are required to have abutters notification ten (10) days prior to the Board of Health hearing. 

  • If no variance is sought then the septic application is reviewed and approved by the Health Department Office.