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Inspectional Services

ATTENTION Plumbing and Gas Contractors

The permit fees for plumbing and gas permits increased beginning September 1, 2021.

The new fee schedules are as follows:
  • Residential fees are $50. Plus $15 per fixture.
  • Commercial fees are 1% of your contract cost with a minimum of $100.

Inspectional Services Online Permitting Program
To access this program, please click "Forms & Permit Applications" to your left.  This page also has setback information.

To view the public record of issued permits, click here. Please note our online database has building permits issued from 2004 to present.  Other permits, such as plumbing, gas, electrical, etc. as of October 2014.  Inspection records can only be seen online as of 2015.

Kevin Greiner

Kevin has been with Easton since 2004 and brings with him a diverse set of professional experience and unique skill set.  He holds an associate degree in Fire Science from Massasoit Community College and owned and operated his own electrical contracting business for over 20 years. 

He is the Inspector of Buildings/Zoning Enforcement Officer, and holds the following designations: Commonwealth of Massachusetts Certified Building Commissioner/ Inspector of Buildings, ICC Certified Building Official (CBO), BBRS Certified Local Building Inspector, member of Southeastern Mass. Building Officials Association, Licensed Construction Supervisor, and Licensed Massachusetts Master Electrician


Kevin Greiner  Inspector of Buildings, Zoning Enforcement Officer
Local Inspector
Local Inspector
Electrical Inspector     (508) 230-0586
Kevin Nelson Alternate Plumbing & Gas Inspector



  • Provide the highest level of services to protect and support Easton residents and those doing business in Easton through effective enforcement of State Building Code and Town By-laws
  • Perform plan reviews and issue permits for building, plumbing, gas, electrical, roofing, siding, replacement windows, pools, signs, wood stoves, HVAC systems, fire protection systems and demolition work
  • Provide prompt, fair, and accurate inspections related to each permit
  • Issue certificates of occupancy upon completion of a project
  • Inspect and certify buildings, businesses, and occupancies related to annual licensing and code requirements
  • Investigate complaints and zoning violations; determine zoning compliance

Ninth Edition of the Massachusetts State Building Code

Location and Mailing Address:
Inspectional Services
136 Elm Street
North Easton, MA 02356
Telephone: (508) 230-0580
Fax: (508) 230-0629

The Town of Easton and its employees and officials cannot be responsible for maintaining the privacy and/or confidentiality of any information which is transmitted to the Town via fax machine.