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Conservation Commission Applications

Work that alters or disturbs land within or adjacent to wetlands requires a permit or determination from the Conservation Commission.

General Submittal Requirements:

All applications, supporting documentation and fees must be submitted using our online permitting system. Click link below to enter the permitting system.

After completing your application submittal:

  1. Print and send two copies of the application along with all supporting documentation to the Commission.
  2. Notify property abutters using certified abutters list obtained from the Tax Assessor's Office. For a template abutter notification letter click here. For a copy of USPS form 3665 (Certificate of Mailing) click here.

Within 21 days of the Commission receiving your complete application, a public hearing will be scheduled.  You will be notified of the date and time that you or your representative must appear before the Commission.

Click here to complete your permit application. Remember to complete all required fields (**) and to click the Submit button when you are finished. When uploading the supporting documents use the following naming convention: street #, street name, doc name, doc date. For example: 678 Depot plan 010114. For complete step-by-step instructions, click here.

The list below describes the type of application you may need to submit to the Conservation Commission for work within a wetland resource or wetland resource buffer. Abutters must be notified when any of the applications listed below are submitted to the Commission.

  1. Notice of Intent. Must be filed when proposed activities will either alter or disturb a wetland resource area or the land within the wetland resource area buffer zone
  2. Request for Determination of Applicability. May be filed if the applicant believes the proposed activities may be outside the buffer zone of the resource areas or will not have an impact on a wetland resource area
  3. Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation. May be filed when an applicant wants the boundaries of a wetland resource area to be confirmed by the Conservation Commission
  4. Septic System Repairs. A septic system repair may qualify for a simplified NOI review. For information click on Simplified Septic System NOI Review Policy