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Easton Conservation Commission


2011-11-07 12.05.24              

Conservation Commission Meeting Schedule with filing deadlines

"Easton Trails" is a new interactive map showing all open space parcels in town - whether managed by a town department, state or private conservation group - as well as trail heads, parking, and the actual trail map where available.  It can be found in the town's GIS application gallery here.

The Easton Conservation Commission has voted on January 6, 2020 to modify the existing wetland regulations at Chapter 503 of the Easton Code Book - specifically Chapter 503-24 (fees), 503-7 (maintenance of certain stormwater basins), 503-7 and 503-8 (term extensions) and 503-13 (vernal pool performance standards).

The Climate Change Assessment (MVP) Plan summarizes the findings of public workshops on how Easton can respond to natural hazards like flooding, changing seasonality, and extreme temperatures. 


 Name     Position               Term Ends:            
 Stefan Cautino  Chair  June 30, 2021
 Carol Lundeen  Member  June 30, 2022
 Michael Spadea   Member  June 30, 2022
 John Thomas      Member  June 30, 2023
 Rory Kallfelz  Vice Chair  June 30, 2023
Associate Members:
Christopher Patrick 
Jonathan Chace

Andrea Langhauser, Assistant Planning Director / Environmental Planner
Keith Eldridge, Principal Clerk

Conservation commissions were established in 1957 under Massachusetts General Law which gave the cities and towns the authority to promote, develop and protect natural resources, including wetlands. An integral part of the Easton’s Department of Planning & Economic Development, the Conservation Commission administers and enforces state laws and town bylaws affecting wetland resources. The Commission owns and manages over 3,000 acres of open space in Easton and works with individuals and groups concerned with natural resource protection.