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Easton Conservation Commission


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Conservation Commission Meeting Schedule with filing deadlines

Conservation Commission approved regulation amendments at meeting on March 5, 2018 @ to allow an applicant to request a waiver when a project is located in rare species habitat, and to correct clerical errors. For more information, read summary document and Easton Code Book Chap. 503.

Graduate students from the Conway School are developing a Master Plan for Tufts Farm in North Easton, MA. See the video "Tufts Farm Conceptual Master Plan Review" to see the first community visioning process for Tufts Farm, and complete the survey to provide your input. Draft concepts will be presented in the Colleen Corona Board Room, Town Hall, Easton, MA on June 6, 2019 at 7:30 PM. Thank you for your participation!

524 Depot Street Master Plan Development Team 
- click here for more information

What are wetlands anyway?
click here to find out why wetlands are important and why they need the level of protection afforded by law and regulation.


 Name     Position               Term Ends:            
 Stefan Cautino  Chair  June 30, 2021
 Daniel Farren  Member  June 30, 2019
 Michael Goodman  Vice-chair  June 30, 2019
 William Humphrey             Member  June 30, 2020
 Rory Kallfelz  Member  June 30, 2020
Associate Members:
Christopher Patrick 
Jonathan Chace

Andrea Langhauser, Assistant Planning Director / Environmental Planner
Keith Eldridge, Principal Clerk

Projects permitted by or currently being reviewed by the Conservation Commission may be viewed online by clicking here.  Remember to turn off your pop-up blocker to view documents attached to the projects.

For detailed information on how to file and what happens during the hearing process, go to our Applications page or our Meetings and Public Hearings page.

Conservation commissions were established in 1957 under Massachusetts General Law which gave the cities and towns the authority to promote, develop and protect natural resources, including wetlands. An integral part of the Easton’s Department of Planning & Economic Development, the Conservation Commission administers and enforces state laws and town bylaws affecting wetland resources. The Commission owns and manages over 3,000 acres of open space in Easton and works with individuals and groups concerned with natural resource protection.

For information and locations of Easton's Conservation Land, click here.

Under Massachusetts law (Massachusetts General Law Chapter 131 Section 40), and Chapter 227 of the Easton Bylaws, the Commission has jurisdiction over activities which will alter wetlands and/or the buffer zone extending from wetland resources, as defined by these regulations. If you are planning a construction project, landscaping, earth removal or grading on your property, you should contact the Commission to determine if you need a permit from the Conservation Commission. 

Poquanticut Ave

When do I contact the Conservation Commission?
Activities in a wetland or buffer zone that need prior Town approval

  1. Expanding an existing building or parking lot;
  2. Constructing new building, parking, signs, or other structures;
  3. Clearing, grading, or otherwise altering the land; and
  4. Building dams or drainage ditches.

Some maintenance activities near wetland resource areas do not require prior Conservation Commission approval.

  1. Mowing a lawn; pruning and maintaining existing landscaping; and
  2. cleaning out storm water drainage facilities.

wheaton farm barn - invitation to bid
The Conservation Commission is accepting bids for repairs to the historic Wheaton Farm Barn at 520 Bay Road.

Work will include: install pressure treated sills around the exterior; remove and replace rot at the bottoms of columns and create footings; remove some and reinforce other existing loft beams; rebuild stairs to loft; install barn door (as built by Owner); and other items, as detailed in Final Plans & Specifications by PARE Corporation dated May 31 2018.  The on-site pre-bid meeting was held at 3:30 PM on Wednesday November 7 2018. Click here for answers to the questions asked.  Bids are due by 10:00 AM November 16 2018.  Click here for the full Invitation to Bid, or pick up or request a copy from the Easton Planning Department at 136 Elm Street Easton MA during Town Hall business hours.