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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a property record card?

Clicking on a property on the map will bring up a small window called a pop-up.  On the bottom of the pop-up  for a property is a link name "View Property Card".  Things to note:

  • Searching on an address will not automatically bring up the pop-up.  You will still need to click on the map.
  • If more than one pop-up result is returned, you can scroll through the results using the arrows along the top of the pop-up window.  This may occur if you click on the border of two properties or if there are multiple layers turned on that return pop-ups.
  • The Tax Parcels layer must be checked on under the Layers tool to return a pop-up window.   See the help page for additional details on the Layers tool.
Pop-up window with property card link
Pop-up window with property record card link

How do I refresh my browser cache?

Occasionally the web application will be updated, but your internet browser is hanging on to some reference to the outdated version.  Refreshing your browser cache often fixes the issue.

The steps for clearing your browser's cache depending on your Internet browser of choice (i.e. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer). contains step by step guides to clear the cache for a variety of different browsers.