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Department of Public Works Permits

Street Opening

Permits for trenches on private property are issued by the Building Department - Click here for link 

Sewer Permits

Notice to Property Owners - Five corners 

At this time the Five Corners Sewer District construction is substantially complete and ready for connections.  Property owners in the Five Corners Sewer District, the Queset Sewer District, or the NEV Sewer District that would like to connect should contact a Licensed Drain Layer or contact a contractor who is eligible to become licensed to begin the process of connecting to sewer.  The cost to connect to the sewer lines installed by the Town is the responsibility of the property owner.  We recommend getting as many quotes as possible for the work and to be clear on what is or is not included in the scope of work (i.e. restoration of lawns, driveways, walkways, removal of trees, internal plumbing changes, abandonment of septic or cesspool, pumping of the old system, cost of permits, etc.).  Only Licensed Drain Layers (or those applying to be licensed) may apply for a sewer permit.  The Town of Easton will License contractors that have experience installing municipal sanitary sewer, possess the required insurance, and have posted a $5,000 performance bond.   Please note that those properties that need to connect via a low pressure pump should contact a professional engineer to design and stamp the low pressure system.  

 For each connection to municipal sewer the Drain Layer will need to obtain the following permits

  • Sewer Permit from the Department of Public Works ($150 fee)
  • Trench Permit from the Building Department ($50 fee)
  • Permit to Abandon the existing system(s) from the Board of Health (no fee for abandonment related to sewer connection)

 Each of these permits is available as a single package at the Department of Public Works, 130 Center Street, or they may be downloaded from this page.  Permits and the associated application fees must be submitted to the respective departments for approval.