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Filtration Station

The Easton Water Division installed a self-service water filling station starting 6/9/21 to provide water with levels of PFAS6 below 20 ng/L to those in sensitive subgroups (pregnant or nursing women, infants, and people diagnosed by their health care provider to have a compromised immune system) and other concerned residents. The booth is located on the side of the Water Division building at 417 Bay Road, S. Easton. Residents can park in the spots by the grass adjacent to the water filling station. 

The station can fill a water container up to 5 gallons. It is not automated, so please use the START (green) and STOP (red) selection buttons to fill your CLEAN and sanitized container. Up to two containers can be filled at the same time.

For more information on PFAS, please visit

Bluedrop Water Refill Station

  •    Dispenses purified PFAS-free water on demand
  •    Powered by a commercial reverse osmosis system that utilizes the following water treatment technologies:
    •     5 Micron Sediment Filtration
    •     0.5 Micron Carbon Filtration
    •     Reverse Osmosis (RO) Purification
    •     Post-Carbon Filtration 
    •     Ultraviolet (UV) Light Disinfection 
  •     System is regularly cleaned and serviced by Bluedrop
  •     Water Quality is routinely checked and laboratory tested
  •     Customers can fill any size container up to 5-Gallons
  •     Customers can fill two containers at the same time
  •     A simple “Start” and “Stop” button controls the flow of water

Easton Water BlueDrop Station

BlueDrop View from front


Bluedrop Water Refill Station. Instructions