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Easton Water Division



Our Mission Statement
The Easton Water Division is dedicated to providing, protecting and preserving today's water supplies for tomorrow's consumers. Our commitment is to supply a quality water that complies with all State and Federal standards, provide education and excellent customer service, while remaining leaders in our profession.

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Please be advised that hydrant flushing will be ongoing beginning October 12, 2021 and continuing through October 24, 2021.   Flushing will occur during the hours of 7:00 AM and 11:00 PM daily.  During this time residents may experience discolored water.  In an effort to minimize the disruption, we have developed a mapping application which will show the current location of flushing, progress, and anticipated schedule.   Residents may enter their address using the search box  (magnifying glass in the lower right corner) to see when flushing is scheduled for their location.  The initial schedule is subject to change based on the time it takes to complete each section, other system demands, and weather.  We will be updating the progress of the flushing and the scheduled times throughout the duration of the project.  Click here for additional information about our flushing program.  We appreciate your patience as we perform this important system maintenance.  

Map Tips:
If you know your location on the map, you can zoom in using +- buttons in the upper left corner, or moving around and zooming in/out on the map using your fingers or mouse.
To look up a specific address, use the search button in the lower left corner - click on it and type in the address or use the "Current Location" option on a mobile device. The map will then zoom you into that location. You can close the address pop-up window if it is in the way (X in the upper right corner) and the legend on the right (use the >> button). Now click on the shaded area of the flushing section to see a pop-up window that lists the scheduled start/end date.

Easton Water Drop Station
UPDATE: As of June 9th 2021, a filtered water station is operational
outside of the Water Department Building. Population subgroups
sensitive to PFAS and other concerned Easton residents
are invited to come fill their clean bottles any time.
Further instructions HERE.



The Easton Water Division is providing this Public Information because of a PFAS6 detection in our drinking water that exceeds the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) under recently established Massachusetts DEP regulations.  The average of all monthly samples collected over a quarter exceeded the MCL in Easton in three of the seven public wells for the second and beginning of third quarters of 2021 (April-August 2021), and we are required to provide consumers with a PUBLIC NOTICE 30 days from the discovery of an MCL violation. The previous PUBLIC NOTICE from January to March of 2021 is for exceeding the MCL in two of the seven Easton wells . For more in-depth information please visit our PFAS Information page.

Reach out to us with questions and concerns by:
blueArrow - Copy calling the PFAS Hotline at (508) 230-0642
blueArrow - Copy emailing



Effective May 1, 2021 through November 1, 2021:
Phase III Water Restrictions will be in place. Even numbered properties will be restricted to Mondays between 5:00am to 8:00am. Odd numbered properties will be restricted to Tuesdays 5:00am to 8:00am.
More Information on our Water Restriction page.

Last Update: 10/5/2021


 We urge our customers to contact us if they have questions regarding the water system. As Water Works professionals, we are proud to serve you.
 Easton Water Division
417 Bay Road
South Easton MA 02375
Water Administration is located at DPW - 130 Center Street
Office Hours  
 Monday - Friday    07:00 AM - 03:00 PM
 Main Phone    508-230-0850
  (After hours emergencies call the Easton Police Department @ 508-230-3322)
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