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Envision Easton- Comprehensive Master Plan

The Easton Planning and Zoning Board unanimously adopted Easton's Comprehensive Master Plan, Envision Easton, in December, 2014.

Members of the Master Plan Steering Committee, Working Groups, other Town Boards and Commissions and Easton residents, business owners and community leaders participated in a two-year planning effort that resulted in Envision Easton, a Comprehensive Master Plan that now provides  a road map for Easton's future.  The plan includes three volumes:

The first volume (Volume  1 – The Baseline Report) looks at current conditions in Easton. This volume includes information on demographic characteristics and trends, natural and cultural resources, historical and existing land use,  economic factors, public services and housing. 

The second volume,  (Volume 2 – The Road Map) is the heart of the plan.  The Road Map addresses the big issues that Easton faces now and in the coming years in Housing and  Neighborhoods, Arts, Culture and Education, Economic Development, Recreation  and Natural Resources, and Transportation, Mobility and Access.

The third volume (Volume 3 – The Action Plan) outlines how the Town will  achieve its long-range vision.   

Volume 1- Baseline Report
Volume 2- Road Map  (Arts, Culture & Education; Economic Development; Recreation & Natural Resources; Housing & Neighborhoods; Transportation, Mobility & Access)
Volume 3- Action Plan
Maps- (Appendix B of the Road Map)

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Implementation- Chairs of various Town Boards and Commissions; Town Department Heads; Representatives of community groups and members of the Master Plan Steering Committee met in February 2015 to kick-off the implementation of Envision Easton. Click HERE to view updates on Plan action items from that meeting.  See the feed below to keep up on how the Goals and Objectives in Envision Easton are being implemented: