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Queset Commercial District

Washington Street AerialQueset Commercial District Study

In coordination with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and the Old Colony Planning Council (OCPC), the Town of Easton conducted a study of the commercial area along the Route 138 and 123 corridors (click here to see a map of the study area).  This area was identified by the Town as a Priority Development Area (PDA) in the South Coast Rail Corridor Plan.  Priority Development Areas are generally located within an existing commercial area on or in close proximity to main transportation routes.  By designating PDAs, the Town, working through the Planning and Zoning Board, can develop appropriate zoning and design guidelines that promote economic development, employment and affordable housing.
The Queset Commercial District study explored ways to promote a suitable balance of new commercial and residential development within the district.  Particular attention was paid to design guidelines and roadway standards that promote public accessibility, while retaining the overall look and feel of Easton’s “small-town” character.  Outcomes of the study include recommendations for improved site design, bike and pedestrian connections, improved traffic circulation, and enhanced street landscaping and lighting. 

Two stakeholder meetings were held with the Town’s Planning Department staff, OCPC representatives and local businesses and residents to get input on possible recommendations for development and improvement and to discuss potential constraints.  The recommendations made in the study will form the basis of a new zoning overlay for the area.   

Concept drawings representing potential redevelopment roadway improvements may be viewed by clicking on the links below.  Keep in mind the drawings are only illustrating what might be possible if the proposed recommendations are adopted and do not represent any projects currently being considere).

Washington Street – pedestrian view 1
Washington Street – pedestrian view 2
Washington Street – pedestrian view 3
Washington Street oblique aerial
Belmont Street pedestrian improvements

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