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Queset Commercial District Economic Development Strategic Plan

Easton, recognizes the value of strong commercial centers to the community and economic stability of the town and has been investing in its core commercial districts to promote economic growth and development. The Queset Commercial District is the area along Washington Street and a portion of Belmont Street where business development has naturally occurred throughout Easton's development. This district was identified in Easton's Master Plan, Envision Easton as a target for economic growth and redevelopment. The town is investing in this district to help promote the type of development that should result in economic sustainability and an attractive, inviting commercial center. Those investments include:

  • creating zoning specific to the Queset Commercial District
  • obtaining wastewater treatment capacity for the district and construction of a sewer collection system to service the district
  • developing an Economic Development Strategic Plan for the District
  • ongoing outreach to the community
The Queset Commercial District Economic Development Strategic Plan, was issued in October, 2018. The Easton Economic Development is holding a community engagement session to present the plan to the Queset Commercial District community. During the session, the Economic Development Council will  present the plan's findings on market opportunity in the district and will review the action plan for attracting and promoting business and growth in the district.

The actions and recommendations of the Strategic Plan were reviewed at a public meeting at Stonehill College with property and business owners of the Queset Commercial District on March 7, 2019.  A copy of the presentation can be found here.