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Master Plan

A Plan for Easton

Easton is beginng a project to create the Town’s new Master Plan. With the plan, the Town will lay out a detailed strategy for its future. The plan will incorporate the opinions and ideas of residents along with detailed information about the Town’s land, population, economy and development patterns. The plan will guide the development and preservation of Easton’s land, infrastructure, and buildings for the next 15 years.

We invite you to learn more about the plan and process in the Q & A below.


What will the Master Plan do?


The plan will be used to advance and balance goals identified by Easton residents. These might include:

  • Preserving and enhancing Easton’s character/appearance
  • Protection of Easton’s green spaces and environmental resources
  • Preserving Easton’s historic heritage
  • Ensuring affordable housing options
  • Strengthening Easton’s economy
  • Allowing for efficient transportation options

The plan will be used to guide Town policy and to encourage specific programs to be undertaken by the Town government and community volunteers.

How will the master plan be created, approved and implemented?


Residents from throughout Easton well engage in discussions about the Town’s future. Town staff and an independent consultant will draft maps,easton sketches, and written proposals based on the outcome of these discussions. These materials will be reviewed and revised with further resident oversight until consensus is reached. Once finalized, everything will be compiled into a cohesive plan that will be formally “adopted” by the Board of Selectmen.

The plan will incorporate updated facts and figures about the Town. Proposals will be relevant to the broader policy environment. A detailed & realistic implementation process will be outlined. Various Town boards and committees, along with staff members from Town Offices, will be charged with implementing the plan.  


Why is it important to have a master plan?


There are many benefits to having a good master plan. A master plan will provide:

  • Orderly, predictable development outlines
  • Assurance that Easton’s resources (land, town services, etc.) will be used responsibly and efficiently
  • Appropriate guidance to land owners, developers and permitting authorities
  • An opportunity to strategize about Easton’s future in a comprehensive, thoughtful way
  • New opportunities for Easton to receive grant funding from outside sources
  • A tangible way for residents to impact the future of the community
  • A coordinated way to balance Easton’s policy goals. For example, where should new development take place vs. where should we preserve historic structures, woodlands etc.; where can we best direct our efforts to improve roadways and sidewalks; how do we assure that residents can afford to live here; etc.
  • The ability to be prepared for future development proposals. Will allow Easton to take proactive control rather than be forced to react to things happening happen to it.


How do we get started?


At Town Meeting on May 21, voters approved funding for the Master Plan effort. This represents an important investment our community’s future. Information on next steps will be available soon.

For further information or to be added to the list to stay updated on the master plan process, please contact Easton’s Department of Planning & Community Development at: 508-230-0630 or