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Early Voting in person

Early Voting
is available to Massachusetts registered voters in the November biennial state elections.  Early voting is not available for primaries, special elections or local elections.    No application or mailing necessary…just show up and vote!

If I vote early can I also vote at the polls on Election Day?
No. Your ballot will be considered cast and you will not be eligible to vote by mail, in person or at  the polls on Election Day.

When & how is an early voter's ballot cast?
Similar to Absentee ballots, Early Voting ballots are sealed by the voter in an envelope and held until Election Day. On Election Day early voting ballots are opened in the same manner as absentee ballots at a centralized tabulation facility which is located at OAHS.

What happens at the centralized tabulation facility (CTF)?
A centralized tabulation facility is where all Early Voting Ballots will be fed through a tabulator on election day (same ones used at the polling locations). When polls close at (8PM) the exact same process to close the polls, tabulate hand counts and write ins is followed at the CTF. The results from the centralized tabulation facility are added to the results from all the precincts at the polling locations.

Voting in Person at the Polls after submitting an early ballot is prohibited as outlined in 950 CMR 4 7.19.


Electioneering During Early Voting in Person
The Select Board adopted policy #92 with the following regulation for the period designated for in-person absentee voting and the State’s Early Voting Period:


No poster, card, handbill, placard, picture or circular intended to influence the action of the voter, other than those expressly authorized by G.L. c. 54, § 65, shall be posted, exhibited, circulated or distributed in the Town Clerk’s office, in the building where the Town Clerk’s office is located, on the walls thereof, on the premises on which the Town offices at 136 Elm Street stand within one hundred and fifty feet (150’) of the building entrance door to said Town offices