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Know Before You Go

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO - 2020.0303

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Save Time. Avoid Aggravation.
Know these 5 things BEFORE YOU GO TO THE POLLS

1. Are you a registered voter & what’s your party enrollment?
The deadline to register to vote or change your party enrollment for the Presidential Primary Election is Wednesday, February 12, 2020. The Town Clerk's Office will be open on this date from 8:30 AM - 8PM or you may use the online voter registration portal.

2. Is your voter status "active"?
Voters must return their signed street list census forms annually to the Town Clerk’s office to maintain an active voter status. Inactive voters are still eligible to vote but will be required to complete additional forms and show an ID at the polls in order to vote. To avoid having to complete additional paperwork at the polls, voters who appear as inactive can change their status to active by stopping by the Town Clerk’s Office to sign a census form in person up until Monday, February 17th. Changes to the voting lists cannot be made after the deadline of February 17th.

3. Where do I vote?
The Town of Easton has 1 polling location – all voting is in the Gymnasium (entrance in rear of building) of Oliver Ames High School – 100 Lothrop Street.

4. What is my voting Precinct?
You will need this information to vote on Election Day - you do NOT need to know your precinct number if going to an early voting site. Each polling location is divided into precincts and voters will appear on the voting list only in the precinct in which their street is part of. Due to the crowds expected for this election, voters are strongly encouraged to already know which precinct they will be voting in before entering the polling location.

5. What will I be voting on – Which Ballot Type will I have?
Voters who are registered in one of the 4 Political Parties (Democrat, Republican, Green-Rainbow, Libertarian) will be required to vote with that Party Ballot type. All other registered voters, including Unenrolled (sometimes known as Independent) will be able to choose one of the 4 ballot types to vote.

Voters are encouraged to educate themselves on their current party enrollment and ballot type options (for those who may choose) PRIOR to arriving at the polls or early voting site. See sample ballots at link below. Educated voters will reduce the amount of time necessary in the voting booths and reduce lines and crowding while voting.

Sample Ballots

EARLY VOTING - 2020.03.03