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Marriage License

Marriage Intentions - Filing

If you are getting married in the State of Massachusetts, you may file your marriage intentions at ANY Massachusetts City/Town Clerk's Office.

Check List - Applying  for a Marriage License in Easton:

  • Both parties must appear together to file
  • After you file your paperwork, there is a three (3) day waiting period before your license can be issued
  • Marriage licenses are valid for 60 days from the date of filing your intention paperwork
  • $50 Fee for filing intention paperwork in Easton
  • You must be 18 years of age or older to file your marriage intentions

How to obtain a license
To obtain a marriage license, couples must appear together at the office of the Town Clerk and file the intention of marriage.  

Persons seeking a marriage license must be at least eighteen years of age or have a court order providing for exemption.  

Waiting Period
After the completion of the marriage intention, there is a mandatory three-day waiting period before the marriage license can be issued.  A waiver of the waiting period may be granted by the local district court.  In that instance, the couple should bring the court waiver to the Town Clerk and a marriage license may be issued immediately.

The marriage license is valid for a sixty-day period from the filing date of the marriage intention.

Recording the Marriage
Following the marriage ceremony, the official who performs the ceremony must mail back the marriage license to the Town Clerk’s office that processed the marriage intention.  Once the Town Clerk receives the license, it will be processed and recorded. Certified Marriage certificates are available after the recording for a fee of $20 per certified copy.  The first certified copy is provided free of charge to couples who file their marriage intentions in the Town of Easton.

Requesting a Certified copy of your Marriage License
Your certified marriage certificate can be obtained from the Town Clerk's Office in which you filed your marriage intention.  Your license is not availabe in the town you reside in or the community your marriage ceremony was held in (unless that is where you filed your intentions). 

Performing your ceremony
If the person performing your ceremony is a clergy member or Justice of the Peace from another state he/she will need a solemnizer certificate to perform the ceremony:

If the person performing your ceremony is not a Justice of the Peace or clergy member he will need a one-day solemnizer certificate to perform ceremony: