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Burning Permits 2016

Easton Fire Department Burning Permits 2016


  • Burning permits will be available at Station 3, 413 Bay Road in the front lobby beginning January 12, 2016 8:00 AM  through 7:00 PM 


  • For questions regarding open burning please call 508-230-0750 or visit for further information under the Fire Department page.


  • Permits are only valid between 1/15/2016 and 5/1/2016


  • Burning shall only be allowed between the hours of 10AM through 4PM, you cannot start a fire after 3 PM


  • Permission must be obtained for each day of burning by calling (508)230-0788. Do not call before 8:30AM. This is a recorded line please leave your permit number after the message.


  • Open air burning may be halted at any time due to weather conditions. You will hear a message on the recorded line that there is no burning in the Town of Easton


  • The Fire Department may revoke any permit at any time for failure to follow the Open Air burning Rules


  • The permit does not release any party from damage liability


  • You are allowed to burn brush, cane, driftwood and forestry debris except from commercial or industrial land clearing operations from January 15th through May 1st under the following conditions:
  1. Burning must be at least 75 feet from all dwellings
  2. Burning must be carried out between 10am and 4pm
  3. Burning must take place on land closest to the source of material to be burned
  4. Fire must be attended at all times by permit applicant or designee


  • Prohibited from open burning:
  1. Grass, hay, leaves, and/or stumps or tires also any brush, trees, cane, and driftwood from any commercial or institutional land clearing operations.


  • Violators shall be punished by a fine of not more than $500 plus the cost of suppression or by imprisonment for not more than one month or both.