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When To Use 9-1-1


9-1-1 When to use it
9-1-1 Frequently Asked Questions
9-1-1 For Kids

9-1-1 Wireless

9-1-1 Disability Indicator Program

911 is designed for emergency use. Only use 911 if you have an emergency or a problem that require immediate assistance from Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire Departments, or Emergency Medical Services. Do not call regarding business questions or billing information, for this information call the non-emergency numbers

911 is meant for EMERGENCIES only. Do not use 911 for directory assistance, to get telephone repair, to contact an individual (for non-emergency information) with fire, police, or EMS agencies, or for EMS billing questions. For these type of calls, look up the non-emergency number in the phone directory.


Someone breaking into your home now or one of your neighbors' homes
911 Emergency Examples

Traffic accidents
Someone Choking
Fights or displays of weapons
Any medical emergencies

Non-Emergency Examples

Abandoned vehicles
Loud parties
Barking dogs
Power outages
School cancellations